Kia Ora, nga mihi koutou,


I am “Breaking Silence” a 30 year old mother of 5 tamariki on a journey to reclaim my life after allowing power to be held over myself out of fear from events and people from the past.

My blog is a self recovery page that I will also be using while writing my book on MH and AOD issues that we as a family and I as a individual have faced over the years.

We have all had different walks, high and low’s , I am just another person in recovery wanting to share and listen to others.


We can learn and empower one another form our stories.

As a teen I remember what it was like at high school eager to finish and set off in life as a adult all the dreams and desires one had at a young age.

I couldn’t wait till the age of 18 was upon me oh how life was going to be great, little did I know what was in store was not at all anywhere near to great.

At the age of 18 I was a mother and Married, I was happy as I could ever be but deep in side there was something no one could see.


Deep down inside these were kept in little box where i thought to be safe; visually these could be hidden but to the HINENGARO and WAIRUA nothing can be hidden.

The deep dark secrets feed the HINENGARO & WAIRUA for years without my knowledge or that of anyone else.

Days became heavier, nights become long.

I become darker, ugly inside, unwilling to love to connect or care. The passion for the future, success of our family and our dreams had become a blur all things become very unclear, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Love was lost vision was gone, hope and dreams unknown.

I wanted to give up, many times I tried yet something someone was there God never let me go, as alone and full of fear as I was he was there.

He allows me to be here to write today

Kade Walmsley 



14 thoughts on “About

  1. What a strong growth woman, my experiences are similar. I’ve found recovery very hard I’ve very little support or more so the support I do have is not understanding of the trauma I live with today because of what my own father also put my siblings and i through as children.
    I will keep following you and hope to write oneday myself.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. It’s definitely not easy to share but it makes coping easier. Writing and the blog gives me some separation from the present affects it can have. Writing is quite the healing place hehe.

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  2. You sound like you have been through hell & back. Writing is therapeutic & I also use it to relieve some of my hopes & fears. I believe you will go far on this journey , just remember every day you wake up is another opportunity to do greatness. You go girl.

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    1. Thanks heaps I appreciate everyone who comment reads and follows. Writing has also giving me the desire to read, not of the same topic but many others. Blogging about my own experience has opened my eyes to so much more .
      Kade xox


    1. Thank you, im enjoying the blog world rather overwhelming in itself, amazing connect with others.
      Bring so mich more to the front of my mind when everyone else I follow speak on such different forums, not to mention the international interaction and awareness of these issues.
      Thanks for reading and God bless.


  3. Thank you for your bravery. You are amazing and brave for your survival, strength, and for your sharing. This is so raw and real. I am glad writing has given you a world to share, connect, overcome, and live.


    1. Thank you it’s why I share, it’s real it still happening and will always happen just like many other nasty things out there awareness needs to be raised.

      Thanks Kade


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